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We design eCommerce web sites to suit thousands of business activities from general retail outlets to international wholesale distributors. Our eCommerce package includes everything you need for a good online business and packed with useful features.

We can provide bespoke custom coding to further enhance the capabilities of our programs and design a databases for specific business needs along with ongoing support.

All eCommerce packages are easy to control through our online CMS to administer your web site, databases and product settings. We can also build web sites that allow third party interaction with the use of API's and Unified Communications to enrich your customers experience.

NOTE: We can match any website design and layout to get the look and feel your after, all designs can be original and new features can be added on demand so you get the site you want! 

Import Digital Data

We can import existing product catalogues from any SQL Database, CSV, XML,Excel, Access or other Spreadsheet into our ecommerce system, data can include your full product catalogue, customer relationship data and business specific data. Once your data is imported you can benefit from our expertise and link data through APIs, Software and Cloud after import.

Featured Products

We have three key eCommerce products developed by Keynect that have been built with everything you would need and can be extended further with extra code and functions to use in the following business sectors when you want to go Multi Channel. All these products include Desktop and True Mobile versions.

  • Autotrade
  • Hospitality
  • Webshop

All eCommerce products come with support, professional email and statistics. Websites are also SEO optimised with search engine friendly URL's and allow unlimited multilevel categories. There are no limits to the amount of products you can add with custom parameters for things like stock control, special order items and made to measure options Etc.

Invoice & Payments

You can also have custom invoices and receipts and custom payment gateways to accept payments and even choose between gateways or activate secure socket layers to process payments in real time with your own bank or use offline payment processing.

SMS Integrated Automation

You can send customers automated response texts for things such as order confirmation, or delivery status when a customer completes their order or requests a delivery update and it's all done in real time. SMS integration is available to every customer and setup free, you only pay for SMS sent. SMS is also great for online booking and other similar processes.

Main Features

Content Managed System
Unlimited Products
Multi Level Categories
Customer Management(CRM)
SMTP Newsletters & Email Marketing
Photo Upload & Resize
Order Management
Options Menus
Auto Generate Dynamic QR Codes
Custom Payment Gateway(PayPal Etc.)
Slideshow Template
Full Feature Blog
Product Reviews
Shared SSL
Apply Discounts
Special Offers
Auto Generate Dynamic PDFs

Who's Managing Your Online System

Its not wise to always go for the lowest price or offers that seem to-good-to-be-true as you will pay down the line, you will encounter performance issues or a lack of features, you might even be limited and restricted to standard features unless you pay an upgrade fee.

Before taking any offer with another company talk to us, it's not going to cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time to see how we compare.


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